Our Family in Two Homes

Our Family In Two Homes (OFTH) Resource Package

At the outset I provide clients with a workbook containing basic legal information about California divorce law.  After couples review it, on their own or together, we meet again to plan how and through which process I can best help you.  The following are some possible path choices and my role:

  • Draft documents confirming the agreements you reached.  Work through the court so you can get divorced without either spouse ever entering a courtroom;
  • Mediate contested divorce issues.  I educate both spouses on your divorce topics like the legal requirements and possible creative solutions.  We resolve contested issues together;
  • Provide legal advice and representation in a collaborative divorce from the first meeting through final judgment;
  • Consult and provide background legal advice to you individual while another mediator assists you both in resolving your divorce; and/or
  • Explore what divorce help you need or want so your divorce process choice is an informed decision.

My office provides the following benefits:

  1. Highly Tailored Legal Advice:
    • Minimizes the costs of legal help by prioritizing the legal advice you need and desire most.
    • Empowers you to focus on and learn about the divorce issues most relevant to your family.
    • Tailor the legal advice and provide other resources to meet your unique needs.
  2. Legal and Interpersonal Information:
    • Explains basic California law on custody, parenting plans, child support, spousal support, and property division.
    • Explores and addresses your conflict approach and trust challenges.  When spouses are more engaged they create sustainable results.
    • Promotes more effective communication for healthier future interactions and/or co-parenting moving forward.
  3. Values:
    • Identify and prioritize values: Financial stability?  Raising children?  Living within a particular spiritual or religious tradition?  Health concerns?  Long-term career goals?
    • Ensure all proposed divorce-related resolutions are guided by their personal north star.