Divorce Process Options

Different Approaches to Divorce

Because there are so many different issues that can come up during a divorce there are four different processes available to get you through a divorce.  They are the Kitchen Table, Litigation, Mediation, and Collaborative Divorce, each with its own pros and cons.

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California Divorce attorney Kathy Campbell focuses her practice on Mediation, Collaborative Mediation and Collaborative Divorce.

Issues During Divorce

Every family is different, which means that every divorce is going to be different.  When couples are divorcing the best resolutions help ensure that each individual continues to have what they need to move on and grow post-divorce.  Both parties will feel better about the process if they know ahead of time that there is a positive future in store.

Going through a breakup is stressful, even if both parties are ready and believe it is the best option for them.  Someone who has already been through a previous divorce will be surprised at how painful it can be to go through the process again.  Even when the dissolution of the marriage is uncontested and the parties remain friends, there will still be a grieving process.

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