Kathy Campbell

Can You Be Proud Of Your Divorce?

Yes, you most certainly can. While it is neither common nor easy for couples to complete their California divorce in a way they can proudly recount, it is absolutely possible.  In the 18 years I have worked as a San Jose divorce attorney I have seen plenty of ‘not-my-best-moment’ behaviors with couples treating one another as sworn enemies.  It is normal to struggle through divorce -- … [Read more...] about Can You Be Proud Of Your Divorce?

How Does Divorce by Zoom Work?

Going through the divorce process via a virtual video platform such as Zoom works surprisingly well. A divorce by video conference allows us to address issues related to the divorce in real-time, which is particularly important in expediting the entire process. Many of our clients are surprised to discover that most of the work we do as lawyers to prepare a case for divorce can be done through … [Read more...] about How Does Divorce by Zoom Work?

Cozy Mediation?

Covid-19 is changing many things in our world. As an attorney doing collaborative and mediated divorces, my business has changed because I now help families navigate their conflict on a computer screen. Although I expected computer mediations to have more problems than benefits, I was pleasantly surprised. Mediated divorces are usually court-free and cost-effective divorces. The surprising … [Read more...] about Cozy Mediation?

Five Ways to Make Your Divorce Child-Centered

A child-centered divorce means both parents commit to shield their child from both the conflict and process of divorce. Children are much more aware of the tension, conflict, and details of divorce than we ever realize. Studies show children shielded from conflict have much better outcomes long term. That’s why both parents must make a conscious, concerted, and proactive effort to protect their … [Read more...] about Five Ways to Make Your Divorce Child-Centered